Smile Gallery

Before and After Photos

A combination of teeth whitening and porcelain crowns on the central incisors were used to enhance this patient’s smile.

Porcelain crowns were placed on the two central incisors to correct the discrepency in the length and shade of the teeth.

Dr. Clark fabricated porcelain veneers on the patient’s front six teeth to enhance the shape and shade of her smile.

Dr. Clark used a combination of  teeth whitening and porcelain crowns to close the unwanted spaces between the patient’s teeth and enhance his smile.

Porcelain crowns, bridges and teeth whitening were used to replace this patients old dental work and make her smile beautiful.

Porcelain crowns and bridges were used to reconstruct this patients upper arch.


Dr. Clark used composite resin bonding material to restore this patient’s  peg lateral incisors after the completion of orthodontics.